Displaying Your Whiteboards on an External Display

When displaying whiteboards on an external display, by default Zamurai only displays the whiteboard canvas. In this mode, Zamurai will show the toolbars, controls and menus on your iPad and display only the contents of your whiteboard on an external display. In addition, Zamurai will auto-detect the external display aspect ratio and will show more of the whiteboard canvas on widescreen monitors.

In the whiteboard editor, tap the Display button to access the External Display menu controls.

Toolbars are Off by default, meaning that Zamurai will only display the whiteboard canvas on the external display.  When Toolbars are On, Zamurai will mirror the 4x3 content of the iPad display to the external display, including all toolbars, controls and menus.  There is also a Fit slider which will allow you to control the overall size of what is displayed externally.

Other things to be aware of:

• Please also check the Tips & Tricks articles on using AirPlay and/or AirServer if you are connecting to an external display wirelessly instead of with a video adaptor.

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