How do I change the layer of something in my whiteboard?


Zamurai is based on a ‘virtual whiteboard’, where you place objects (icons, drawings, text, etc.) onto the whiteboard. When you place an object on it, it can be placed on top of other objects, or underneath them. Using ‘layers’ is how you can control which objects are in front of, or behind other objects on this whiteboard (like a stack of pictures on your desk).

Accessing the Layers Tool

You can access the Layers Tool in two ways:

1)  Via the Context Menu
     Tap and hold an object to bring up the Context Menu


2)  Via the Layer Tool in the Top Tool Bar (after you have selected an object)



Changing Layers

You can move the object all the way to the front, all the way to the back, or any layer in between.

  • Front – Touch to move the object all the way to the front
  • Back – Touch to move the object all the way to the back
  • Slider – Move left or right to move the object backwards and forwards between any available layers




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