What does "Add Your Logo" do?


You have the option to add a logo when you share a whiteboard as a PDF or JPG. “Add Your Logo” is a option setting available in the Share menus. If you wish to include a logo in the PDF or JPG export of your whiteboard, first turn on “Add Your Logo”. Then select whether you wish to export the “Current View” of your whiteboard, or the “Entire Whiteboard”. Zamurai will open your Photo library and you can choose the image to use for the logo.


The space for the optional logo is 500 X 100. When the logo is added to the header, it will be left-justified. If the logo height or width exceeds one of those dimensions, the image will be resized to fit within 500 X 100 while maintaining its aspect ratio.

Here is an example whiteboard saved as a JPG which includes the Zamurai logo in the upper left corner:




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