Important things to know when using the Draw Tool


When active, the Draw Tool will stay in ‘lock mode’ and the icon on the tool bar will turn blue showing it is locked.  Lock mode makes it easier to draw multiple drawing strokes back-to-back.

                    Draw Tool                                                           Group Drawing
                      Active                                                                     button


When you have completed a drawing, you can immediately group all of the drawing strokes together into a single drawing object by tapping the ‘group drawing’ button in the bottom toolbar.  The ‘group drawing’ button is only displayed when the Draw tool is active.  After you press the 'group drawing' button, a thin red box is displayed around your drawing to confirm that you have created a new group of drawing strokes.  For example:


While you are creating a drawing, you can Undo (and Redo) up to 20 previous drawing strokes while the whiteboard is open.  You can also use the Eraser tool to selectively delete individual drawing strokes.


In what ways can I modify a drawing I created?

  • Each drawing stroke is separate and unique. For example, you can change the color of each individual drawing stroke by selecting different properties, like pen type, variable or fixed width, stroke width, opacity or color.


  • After you have drawn something, you can modify individual drawing strokes (including layer setting, duplicate, copy, and properties) by doing a tap and hold on a drawing stroke.
  • Properties (colors, thickness, etc.) can only be changed for individual drawing strokes. It is not possible to select several strokes or grouped strokes and change their properties at the same time.
  • When you select a drawing stroke or group of strokes, a ‘selection box’ is displayed around the object.  The selection box may be considerably larger than a drawing stroke especially if the stroke is drawn at an angle. This is important to remember when performing selection operations, to ensure the desired drawing strokes are selected.
  • And don’t forget that like other objects in a whiteboard, you can move and resize drawings.



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