Icons and the Library Manager


Icons are graphics you can use for all your whiteboards, and the Library Manager provides a central repository to organize them.

After tapping Library in the whiteboard editor, the icon libraries are displayed. Select the library you want to add icons from, or select Edit to modify icon libraries.  The Library Manager feature or Essentials Pack is required to edit icon libraries.


Tapping on an existing library name allows you to rename it or add, delete or reorder icons:

  • You can also tap and drag icons from/to the Available Icons view to add or remove them.
  • Images from your photo library can be imported as icons and added to selected library.
  • You can drag icons within the selected library to change the order in which they appear.
  • With a library selected, you can rename it by tapping the Name box and entering a new name.


Tapping Edit in the Library Manager will allow you to delete any library:


Select “Add Library…” to create Custom Icon Libraries:

  • You can import your own graphics to create custom libraries. In the example above, 3 custom graphics were imported to create the “Server Racks” custom Library with 3 icons.
  • You can add icons from the “Available Icons” list to create custom libraries by selecting the custom library in Edit mode and then dragging desired icons into the selected custom library icons list on the right side of the display.
  • Imported custom icons have the name “Custom Icon” and cannot be changed.
  • To delete a custom icon, move it to the Available Icons list.  Once moved, press and hold on it to see a context menu with delete option.

Other things to be aware of:

  • Restore Library is available for the built-in Zamurai icon libraries in case you’ve made a mess of things and want to restore the selected icon library back to its original version.
  • You can delete the libraries that ship with Zamurai (2D, 3D, and Sketch), but this is not recommended as you will need to reinstall Zamurai to return any of these once deleted.
  • Zamurai can even import large sets of custom icons for businesses looking to provide a branded experience for their employees and sales force. Please contact Zamurai for more information.



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