Making connections with Easy Connect™


The Line and Elbow tools within Zamurai provide a fast and easy way of creating connections between icons, shapes, images, and text content on your whiteboard.

Each object has potential connection points around its border as shown here.  The number and location of the connection points depends on the type of object:



When you draw a line or elbow connector towards another object, Zamurai will display its Easy Connect magnifying glass, which lets you see all the detail you need, so you can make every connection.


As you get closer to a potential connection point, the endpoint will “snap” to the nearest connector.  The connector endpoint changes from blue to red when it is connected.  If you wish to connect elsewhere, simply move the connector end point to another connection point.

The Line and Elbow tools can also draw lines that aren’t connected to other objects and will not move if other objects in the whiteboard are moved.  If you are not certain whether a line is connected to other objects, select it and check the color of its endpoints.  A blue dot at the end of the line means it is not connected, and a red dot means it is connected.

KB-0005_Blue_Dots.png  KB-0005_Red_Dots.png

Other things to be aware of:

  • Grouping does not affect connecting to objects in a group.
  • You cannot connect Lines or Elbows to Drawing objects.
  • Multiple lines can share the same connection point.



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    Why "RED means connected" and "BLUE means not connected"??? It confuses!!!
    Red color always means in different software "error", "danger", "something incomplete", "something undone".

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    Pat Hanavan

    Rygor - the colors used on the end points matches how PowerPoint shows connections for lines. We used similar colors to minimize confusion for people who have used PowerPoint in the past.

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