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Zamurai provides an easy way to share one whiteboard or many.  The Basic Sharing feature or Essentials Pack is required to share or export whiteboards.

                                   Portfolio View


                                Whiteboard Editor

  • You can share the whiteboard that is currently open by tapping the Share button.
  • You can share multiple whiteboards in the portfolio Thumbnail or List view, by selecting Edit and selecting the whiteboards you wish to share.
  • When emailing whiteboards, information will automatically be included about Zamurai in case the recipient isn’t familiar with the product.
  • If you receive a whiteboard by email and open it, it will automatically be added to your portfolio. The Unlimited Whiteboards feature or Essentials Pack is required To import whiteboards.
  • Any custom icons or imported photos you have included in a whiteboard will be included when it is shared.
  • When Sharing by PDF or by JPG, you can choose whether to export the “Current View” of the whiteboard, or the “Entire Whiteboard” which is very useful for larger whiteboards that exceed the dimensions of the viewport even at 10% zoom.
  • You also have an option to add your own logo graphic by turning on the “Add Your Logo” setting and selecting the logo graphic from your Photos folders. The logo will be added in the upper left corner of each shared whiteboard.
  • When you Share the “Current View” of a whiteboard as a PDF or JPG, the image of the whiteboard that is shared is created from the portion of the whiteboard you were viewing when you last edited it. Zoom In or Zoom Out to get the desired section of whiteboard to share when using “Current View”.


Other things to be aware of:

  • When sharing whiteboards by email that include imported images, be aware that the size of the whiteboard file (.ZWB) increases with the size and number of images you have added.  If the images included in the whiteboard are very large, the whiteboard file will be very large. Zamurai whiteboards by design are very small except when imported images are included.



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