Navigating in the Whiteboard Editor


When you create a new or open an existing whiteboard, Zamurai opens a “whiteboard editor”.  Within the editor, Zamurai supports several iPad gestures which are available in the 3rd screen of the whiteboard Quick Tips:


In addition to these gestures, the following points are important to know when navigating the whiteboard:

  • The above gestures are always available. Other gestures such as tap and drag, or tap to select, require the Select tool to be active in the toolbar.
  • Zamurai has an infinite canvas, so you can use 2 fingers to pan the whiteboard in any direction.  Using 2 fingers to move is the same as selecting the Hand tool, but is easier when you already selected another tool, such as drawing, and just need to move the whiteboard.
  • Tap and drag is used to move objects around the whiteboard, or from the Library onto the whiteboard.
  • Tap and drag on the corner of a selected object or group to increase or decrease its size.
  • If you keep getting the context menu when you intend to tap and drag, you are not moving your finger so Zamurai interprets this as a Tap and Hold instead. Move your finger as soon as you tap the object.


Using 100% Zoom, and Fit To Screen buttons

  • Because Zamurai has an infinite canvas, you might reach a point where you are ‘lost’ within the whiteboard. Tapping “Fit to Screen” will zoom out and center the whiteboard on the iPad screen, making it easier to identify where you are. Once you locate where you want to work you can zoom in manually or center the desired area on the screen and tap the “100%” button.
  • When you return to the Whiteboards portfolio, Zamurai remembers your current view of the whiteboard and uses it for the thumbnail displayed in the portfolio.  And more importantly, the whiteboard is reopened to the same view when you open it again later.



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