Easy Name™


Icon Properties

  • Each icon has 4 text properties: Name, Label 1, Label 2, and Label 3 that can be accessed via Properties in the Tools menu or by tapping and holding on the icon. You can use or leave these blank as you desire.
  • Icons included with Zamurai have Easy Name™ that automatically completes the Name field for you when you open an icon’s properties screen.



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  • Avatar
    Michael Babb

    Would love to be able to set an Easy Name™ for icons that are imported in to the library!

  • Avatar
    Greg Jaeger

    Can the Easy Name be positioned on top of the icon such as when using the flowchart icons? This would make flowcharting much faster.

  • Avatar
    Pat Hanavan

    Greg - we are considering an enhancement that will let users define where to position labels. Thanks for the feedback.

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