Using the Grid in the Whiteboard Editor


  • Tapping the Display icon in the whiteboard editor will show the Display menu. In addition to the controls for an external monitor, there are three Canvas settings for grid:
    • Grid: When “On”, Zamurai displays a transparent grid on the screen, making it easier to visually align components.
    • Snap to Grid: Automatically aligns objects when “On”
    • Cross hair: When “On”, Zamurai displays a cross hair at the 0,0 coordinates
  • Text, icons, and drawing objects will be centered on the nearest intersecting grid lines to the center of the object when Snap to Grid is On.
  • Three different sizes of Grids can be displayed when Grid is On.


Other things to be aware of:

  • Lines and Elbow connectors are not affected by “Grid” settings.
  • If you are having trouble getting objects to line up the way you want to, make sure “Snap to Grid” is not enabled.
  • The size of the selected grid also affects the “Snap to Grid” function, even if “Grid” is not On to show you the grid itself.



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