The Whiteboard Portfolio


Zamurai automatically stores and manages your whiteboards for you. When you open Zamurai, your whiteboards and whiteboard groups are shown.

  • You can sort by whiteboard Title or Modified Date in both Thumbnail and List views.
  • List view also provides the ability to search by any part of a whiteboard title or group name. Searching isn’t affected by capitalization, and will search for any matching text. Only whiteboards or groups that match the search criteria will be shown.
  • Thumbnail is very convenient to find your whiteboard by looking for the whiteboard itself, but List View makes it easier to find a whiteboard when you have a large number of whiteboards to look through.
  • The whiteboard thumbnail is automatically updated (and your whiteboard work is saved) every time you return to the portfolio by tapping the “Whiteboards” button when working in the whiteboard editor.
  • You can name or rename any whiteboard or whiteboard group by tapping on the name in List or Thumbnail view, or from within the whiteboard editor, itself.


Working with Whiteboard groups:

  • To group whiteboards together, using the Thumbnail view, tap and drag a whiteboard thumbnail on top of another whiteboard.  Whenever a new group is created, the keyboard will be displayed so you can name the group.
  • To ungroup, using the Thumbnail view, tap and hold a whiteboard thumbnail and drag it out of the group.
  • In List view, each whiteboard is listed separately, and the group name is shown below the whiteboard name.
  • You cannot select entire groups in Edit mode, as Edit mode only affects individual whiteboards even if grouped together. Tapping a group will open the group to allow you to select whiteboards.


Edit mode:

  • You can Duplicate (copy), Delete, or Share multiple whiteboards using Edit mode.
  • To select multiple whiteboards in Thumbnail view, tap the individual thumbnails. In List view, tap the Select button on the far left side (as shown in the picture above). After selecting the desired whiteboards, tap the Duplicate, Trash, or Share buttons.
  • Duplicating a whiteboard can be very useful to keep versions of a whiteboard as you revise it.  When you duplicate a whiteboard, “Copy” is automatically appended to the whiteboard title.
  • When you Share a whiteboard as a PDF or JPG, you can choose the image of the whiteboard that is shared. Choose either the “Current View” of what is visible of the whiteboard in the editor, or “Entire Whiteboard” for very large whiteboards.
  • When Sharing by PDF or by JPG, you can also add your own logo graphic by selecting “Add Your Logo” and selecting the logo graphic from your Photos folders. The logo will be added in the upper left corner of each shared whiteboard.


Other things to be aware of:

  • The thumbnail icon of a whiteboard is created from the portion of the whiteboard you were viewing when you last edited it. The thumbnail does not show the entire whiteboard unless you selected “Fit to screen” within the whiteboard editor.



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