Creating multiple objects of the same type back-to-back


While using Zamurai, sometimes you would like to create multiple objects of the same type back-to-back.  The following whiteboard tools in Zamurai offer a special “Lock” mode which allows you to create multiple objects of the same type, back-to-back.  Turning on “Lock” mode is done by double tapping the active tool button (similar to selecting Caps Lock with the iOS keyboard).  The tool button will turn blue to show its “lock” state.


Select Tool

The Select Tool is not used to create objects on the whiteboard, but it does offer special functionality when in “Lock” mode.  With the Select Tool in Lock mode, you can select multiple objects by tapping them individually.  This can be especially useful when you need to select objects to group but other objects would be included in the group if you did a tap and drag motion to create a selection box around the objects.


Other Tools

These other whiteboard tools operate in a type of lock mode all of the time, so their buttons are automatically shown in blue when they are active.


Other things to be aware of:

  • You might have noticed that the Text Tool was not listed here.  That is because the Text Tool offers a special method for creating text objects back-to-back.  If you have created a text object using the Text Tool and wish to create another, simply tap and drag your finger elsewhere on the whiteboard to create a new text object.
  • The “Lock” mode of tools operates like a toggle; tapping a tool button a second time switches to lock mode and tapping it again returns to normal operation.



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