Migrating from Symantec Digital Whiteboard (DWB) version 1.4


For users of the Symantec Digital Whiteboard version 1.4 BETA, the Zamurai Team would encourage you to consider Zamurai.

We have found that you can whiteboard faster and more accurately with a touch-based device, like an Apple iPad.  In addition, we have designed Zamurai so that it can import whiteboards created with the Symantec Digital Whiteboard.

Zamurai can import the .DWB files created by the Symantec Digital Whiteboard.  You need to have purchased the Essentials Pack or the Library Manager to import this icon library into Zamurai.  There are a few simple steps you need to follow to make the transition.

  • First, save your existing .DWB files to a location that your iPad can access.  This location could be your email account or a cloud based repository like Norton Zone, Box, Dropbox, etc.

Import the Symantec Icon Library into Zamurai

  • The next step is to extend the Zamurai icon library by adding the Symantec icons, which were available with the Symantec Digital Whiteboard 1.4 BETA.  The Zamurai Team has created an icon library for you, which is attached to this article.
  • Using your iPad, tap on the Symantec.zwbl file in this article.  Safari will download the file and open a new tab.
  • In the new tab in Safari, select “Open in Zamurai”.


  • Zamurai will open and import the icon library.  Now you have the Symantec icons available for creating new whiteboards in Zamurai.


Import your Symantec Digital Whiteboard (.DWB) files into Zamurai      

  • The last step is to import your Symantec Digital Whiteboard .DWB files into Zamurai.  This step is similar to importing the Symantec icon library file.  For each .DWB file you wish to import:
  • Using your iPad, access the location where your .DWB files are saved and tap on a .DWB file to open the .DWB file using Zamurai.  If the file is in email, simply tap it a second time to see a dialog similar to the following.


  • If you have saved the file somewhere else, follow whatever steps you would normally follow to open the file on your iPad and if prompted “Open in Zamurai”.
  • Zamurai will open import the .DWB whiteboard file, converting it into the Zamurai .ZWB format and opening the whiteboard editor.
  • Congratulations!  You have imported your first .DWB file.  Continue with all of your .DWB files you wish to import.


Other things to be aware of:

  • The Zamurai team tested many Symantec .DWB files while developing this capability.  Let us know if you experience any issues with the import process, and if you are able, please provide the .DWB file you are having difficulties with.
  • Symantec Digital Whiteboard Beta version 1.4.38 expired on October 31, 2013 and we strongly encourage existing users to migrate to Zamurai.



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