Zamurai 2.2 crash after in-app purchase


Problem Solved:

We developed Zamurai version 2.2.1 to work around the problem caused by the App Store requiring customers to re-verify their credit card information.  Zamurai version 2.2.1 has been available in the App Store since November 20, 2013.  We encourage all users who experienced the problem to update immediately so that you can use Zamurai again.

The background of the Problem:

With the release of Zamurai version 2.2.0, several customers reported an issue with Zamurai crashing after they purchased a feature.  We apologize for the inconvenience our customers have experienced as a result of the problem.

Many other apps are having the same problem as Zamurai because something got broken in the App Store purchase experience.  The common thread we heard was that the purchase was interrupted by Apple requiring credit card or identity verification.  That interruption in the purchase process ended up sending invalid purchase information to the Zamurai app, which would cause it to crash consistently.


The Zamurai Team

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    John Schinter

    I was one of the customers affected, and want to share that the Zamurai staff was "Best in Class" in resolving quickly - and with routine communications. Product is excellent, and highest recommendation on purchase of app with extended option!

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    Pat Hanavan

    Thank you very much for your patience as we worked to resolve the issues caused by the App Store interrupting your earlier purchase of Zamurai!

    Zamurai version 2.2.1 (106) is now available in the App Store. We have resolved the app crash problem and recommend that you update to the new version immediately so you can use Zamurai again.

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