"This is not a Test User Account" error message during purchase

We have heard a few reports of customers seeing this error when attempting to purchase Zamurai:

This is not a Test User account.

Please create a new account in the
Sandbox environment.

[Environment: Sandbox]

This error is reported by the iTunes App Store, and it is quite unusual to see this.  If you do experience this situation, please do the following:

  1. Reset your iPad by pressing and holding the power and home buttons down at the same time.
  2. After your iPad restarts, first try to restore any prior purchases in Zamurai.
  3. If your prior purchases are restored, you are finished.
  4. If you see a message saying that there were no purchases to restore, continue with purchasing what would you like.  The reset done previously should have resolved the connection problem with the App Store.  If you still see the error, please contact us by opening a support ticket.

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