Backup Your Whiteboards


WARNING: if you choose to delete Zamurai from your iPad, iOS will warn you with the following message. If you have never done a backup of your iPad, all of your Zamurai data (whiteboards and icon libraries) will be LOST if you Delete Zamurai.  DO NOT choose “Delete” unless you are certain that you have protected your Zamurai data with a recent backup.

Zamurai stores your whiteboards using the storage in your iPad.  It is important for you to take steps to protect your Zamurai data (whiteboards and icon library) by doing an iTunes backup regularly.  Having your Zamurai data backed up also helps if you migrate to a new iPad.

Backup Approach:

iTunes will backup your Zamurai data as part of a Sync operation or whenever you run a Manual Backup:

By default, your backups will be stored on your computer, or you can change the backup destination to your iCloud account.  There are advantages and potential disadvantages to either approach – please read the following Apple Support article to help you decide what is best for you.  Please note that backups are for the iPad device, and not for specific apps or data.  This is important to know if/when you need to do a restore.

Restoring Zamurai:

The Zamurai app and its data will be restored to your iPad from your backup when you perform a Restore operation via iTunes.  Follow Apple’s instructions for restoring your iPad:

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