Moving to a New iPad


Occasionally, you will want to move from your original iPad to a new one. Restoring a backup of your original iPad using iTunes is the preferred method because your Zamurai Whiteboards, icon libraries and purchased features will be restored to the new iPad.

If you choose to do things manually, however, you will need to have saved your whiteboards somewhere other than your iPad, and then do the following steps:

  1. Make sure you are logged into iTunes on the new iPad with the same account you used on your prior iPad. Check your Apple ID in Settings | iTunes & App Store.
  2. Download the Zamurai Mobile Whiteboard application from the iTunes App Store.
  3. Start Zamurai and go through the initial Welcome Experience.
  4. Restore any prior feature purchases:
    • From the portfolio screen in Zamurai, tap on the Settings icon
    • Select the Store
    • From the Store screen, tap on “Restore” in the upper left
    • Provide your Apple ID password when iTunes requests it, and any prior Zamurai purchases you made will be restored to the new iPad.
  1. Import any icon libraries you added previously.
  2. Import your whiteboards.



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